“I love working with Olli-Pekka, he’s the go-to guy when I need results in near-impossible conditions and the time frame is limited. We have been e.g. in minus 20 degrees shooting dangerous prototype level autonomic industrial robots (a bit like nature photography) and gotten excellent results. What are you still waiting for? Call OP now!”

Jufo Peltomaa,  Co-Founder, Head of Special Ops, Immersal Ltd and Co-Founder of ZenRobotics Ltd

“Olli-Pekka is a true professional photographer with something extra. This extra means a lot for me. First of all he is very reliable. I have never been disappointed to the quality of his work. He has a capacity to listen and negotiate, skills needed with people. He is a diplomat. No wonder we have worked together already twenty years.”

Elina Melgin, CEO at ProCom – Finnish Association of Communication Professionals

“Olli-Pekka has been involved in the making of the Pyöräily+Triathlon (Cycling+Triathlon) magazine since the beginning, from spring 2012. He has been in charge of practically all of the in-house photography including workshop pictures, most product photos, workout images and numerous features of riders and triathletes.

Olli-Pekka is an excellent professional, whose photos are technically perfect. He also puts a lot of effort in finding creative ways to execute in his projects. He’s also very punctual and delivers photos in the right format exactly as agreed.

I can highly recommend Olli-Pekka for various photographical projects.”

Ilkka Järvimäki, editor in chief, Pyöräily+Triathlon -magazine

“I have been working with Olli-Pekka in a few projects, mainly product and brochure photos and always got what I wanted – and a bit more 🙂

Mari Rautiainen, Development Manager, Polarputki Oy